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Akari's Anime Page

Update- I know I'm off by about 50 something people, but I put up my "new" main page that looks slightly similar to the "old" one. I'm kinda juggling a ton of webpages in my hand right now so please forgive me. Go to my new page: Japanimation Station.

Hey! If anyone would like to chat with me, go to GeocitiesChat at Tokyo in Society. I'm almost always under the name 'Akari Unyruu' Or, if you have ICQ, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to add you to my contact list ^_^.

You are the person to visit me. Don't I feel popular? (Don't answer that)

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Yep! For all you living in Georgia, Anime Weekend Atlanta 4 is coming soon. This year it will be held October 9 - 11, 1998. I hope to see ya'll there. If you do, look for me. I'll most likely be dressing up as Akari herself. If not, just look for the fine people who work at House of Anime/Video Games (a Chinese man with a blonde if that helps). I'm hoping for lots of Ryogas this year (^_^ hehe). It's a really fun and friendly convention held in Atlanta, so I hope to see you there! Oh! click on the pic to go to their site for more info.